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DE MODE®️ is a global news company, owned and operated by KFI Group, focused on World News, Latest Style, Entrepreneurial Sucess, Leadership Journals, Celebrity News and Top Stories Of The Hour. We also publish a free quarterly international magazine "DE MODE", read in India, Italy, France, UK, Thailand & Philippines, featuring original articles on Fashion, Lifestyle, Books & Authors, Architecture & Interiors, Make-up & Beauty, Travel and Food topics.

Headquartered in India, branch in Thailand and France, and now in the United States & UAE also, its Chair and Editor-in-Chief are Nikhil Chandra Rana, and its CEO & Co-Editor is Anushka Singh. DE MODE authorized Photo-Journalists are John Stiles (Bangkok, Thailand), Jeremiah Boulware (Bangkok, Thailand), Azusa Uchida (Tokyo, Japan) and Michael Foust (Paris, France).

Enjoy reading DE MODE. We promise you the best experience.


Fashion Week Alliance® or FWA®️ brings together fashion brands that foster the creation and international development. It seeks to promote the fashion culture of various countries it operates in. FWA®️ operates in Cannes, Paris, New York, London, Milan and Bangkok, where Haute Couture and creation have a major impact by combining traditional know-how and contemporary technology at all times. 

Fashion Week Alliance® (FWA) owned by KFI Group orchestrates the Thailand Fashion Week® and Europe Fashion Week® which welcomes over 50 brands bi-annually, making Bangkok and Paris one of the biggest business and creativity scene. It puts up the official Ready-to-Wear calendar that summarizes shows and presentations, as well as the Haute Couture calendar. FWA accompanies each member brands and gives them the possibility to express themselves in an environment that will highlight and coincide the best with their reputation.


LEVONERA LUXURY® is a leading make-up & beauty brand, owned and operated by KFI Group, releasing two highly-appealing products, Levonera Eyelashes and Levonera Hair Extensions. 

Europe Fashion Week Times (EFW Times) Magazine is a bi-weekly Parisian fashion & lifestyle magazine published and distributed from Paris, France that features original articles on the latest style, interview with famous designers, trending lifestyle, beauty and runway. 
Europe Fashion Week Times (EFW Times) Magazine est un magazine parisien de mode et de style de vie bimensuel publié et distribué depuis Paris, en France, qui présente des articles originaux sur le dernier style, des entretiens avec des designers célèbres, le style de vie tendance, la beauté et les défilés.
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